Bipha Gulgulupanchapalam Tablets

Main Ingredients: Gulgulu, Pippali, Amlaki, Vibhitaki, Harithaki, Ela, Twak.


  • It can treat skin conditions
  • Help shrink tumours in the abdomen
  • Ease abdominal swelling
  • Heal the fistula
  • Expel parasitic worms

Dosage: Two tablets twice daily after food or as directed by the physician. 

Reference: Sahasrayogam

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Fight Skin Diseases and Digestive Issues with Gulgulupanchapalam Tablets.

Ayurvedic Answer to Skin and Digestive Health

Gulgulupanchapalam Tablets, derived from Ayurvedic wisdom, are particularly effective in treating skin diseases and digestive disorders. This classical formulation, as referenced in the Sahasrayogam text, contains potent herbs like Gulgulu, Pippali, Amlaki, and more​​.

Key Benefits:

  • Effective in Skin Disease Treatment: These tablets are adept at combating various skin diseases.
  • Digestive Health Support: They aid in alleviating abdominal tumors, bloating, and fistula.
  • Natural Anthelmintic: Acts as an effective anthelmintic, helping to rid the body of parasitic worms.

Why Gulgulupanchapalam Tablets?

  • Holistic and Natural: Comprising natural ingredients, they offer a safe and holistic approach to health.
  • High-Quality Ayurvedic Ingredients: The tablets are made with high-quality, traditional Ayurvedic herbs, ensuring efficacy and safety.
  • Convenient Usage: Recommended dosage is two tablets twice daily after food, easily fitting into daily health routines.

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