Himalaya Wellness Company Pilex Tablets 60’s

Ingredients: Neem, Haritaki, Mesua ferrea


  • Internal and external hemorrhoids
  • As an adjuvant in varicose veins

Contraindications: Pilex is not recommended during pregnancy. However, Pilex forte ointment can be used during pregnancy.

Dosage: Initially, 2 tablets twice daily, followed by 1 tablet twice daily, or as directed by your doctor.

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Pilex Tablets: Relieve Hemorrhoid Discomfort, Reclaim Comfort

1. Alleviate Hemorrhoid Discomfort the Natural Way

Find solace from hemorrhoid discomfort with Himalaya Wellness Pilex Tablets. Formulated with natural ingredients like Guggulu and Neem, these tablets help manage the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Rediscover comfort and bid farewell to the inconvenience caused by this common ailment.

2. Ayurvedic Relief for Hemorrhoids

Pilex Tablets bring you the goodness of Ayurveda, offering a holistic approach to hemorrhoid care. Allow the therapeutic properties of carefully selected herbs to soothe and support your rectal health. Experience the blend of ancient knowledge and modern science, working together to provide relief from hemorrhoid discomfort.

3. Take a Step Towards Comfort and Well-being

Prioritize your health with Pilex Tablets. Each tablet is a step towards relief, enhancing your well-being. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of hemorrhoids and embrace each day with the comfort and confidence you deserve.

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